Be it the walk on the red carpet, the drive through cheering masses or the high-ranking Business meeting – we will ensure unrestricted freedom of movement for you. Thanks to years of experience, always-ongoing trainings and further education, we are ready for every Situation. This way we can ensure your physical integrity. Anytime and anywhere.

Be it Paparazzi, a Fanatic or a Stalker: Thanks to careful observation and perception, we prevent aggressive, unpredictable and intrusive behavior, without exceptions. For the sake and security of our customers.

We guarantee special security to our VIP’s. Always discreet and in best civil manner. There is also the possibility of armed protection, which we will review individually based on your request. We will happily go through the Services of our Portfolio <<Personal and escort Protection>> with you in a personal meeting.

Object- and Weather protection

The Security of valuable Items require special attention of our Security Specialists. We offer individual Solutions for Object protection during exhibitions, for Companies or value protection for Banks, bijouterie and Museums. We also offer special value protection for the transfer of endangered goods.

Guarding Service

As property guarding specialists, we are permanently guarding single buildings or properties and guarantee, with access control and screening of Persons and with operating alerting systems, highest security.

Our guarding specialists guarantee, during their checks and inspection tours, security in buildings and Properties. Additionally we are operating Security Systems and screening factory related checks.

Reliable Security, around the clock or to agreed times. You want to prevent risks and dangers from your private or business building, industrial plant or industrial estate, secure your employees and benefit in the company and minimize risks due to environmental influences or malfunctions.

Our Qualified security personnel is also familiar with the special requirements e.g. from Hospitals, Small Businesses and Public Transportation and is ready to face these challenges:

  • Reception and concierge services
  • Site surveillance
  • Messenger Services
  • Access Control
  • Parking Security
  • Checks of security systems and electronic devices (shutdown)
  • Closing and opening services
  • Alert activation

Get in touch with us; we look forward to act for your safety.

Personal Security

Qualified Personal guards will guarantee your Security, so you can show your strength. We are accompanying decision-makers from Economics or Politics, VIP’s from Culture- or Show business, as civil Persons who feel endangered. Early identification of risk situations and prevention of these is our duty, discretion and maintaining your privacy, the highest commandment.

You can count on a rehearsed Team, which will be fully available for you, on your Tourney. Around the clock also abroad. We will take care of the transport of our guards, logistic and the needed equipment. Always trustworthy and secure, as on Stage and in the backstage area. Our VIP-Service offers exclusive support and coordination on site, for more flexibility, security, comfort and successful appearances.

  • Personal Security
  • Transportation Escort
  • Chauffeur- Limousine Service

Get in touch with us; we look forward to act for your safety.


Event Service

Your Event will be a success and your guests will feel welcome and definitely come again. Be it a club you are operating, City- or sports event you are organizing, fair, congress, small or big Musical Events, as Concerts or Open Airs, we will secure a smooth order of Events.

Every successful Event has its own rules. Security Personnel with the Services Employees guarantee the insurance of keeping these rules in place. A rehearsed Team led by a competent and experienced operational line. Perfect Organization and friendliness, prevention and de-escalation are the success factors on which we count. Together with and for our customers.

You and your guests will benefit from foresighted organization. From competences and experience across all sectors, even at co-operation with authorities and public institutions.

What you can expect from us:

  • Organization/Coordination for Security and Order
  • Providing of security personnel for major events
  • Creation of security concepts appropriate to the situation
  • Safeguarding of Stage and Backstage area
  • Guarding for construction and dismantling
  • Admission and personal checks
  • Transport service and security
  • POS Services and money transport
  • Personal protection/support for VIPs, artists, members of parliament, officials, and so on.
  • Care of business customers
  • Chauffeur services and shuttle service
  • Keep escape rescue routes clear
  • Wardrobes and other services
  • Fire guards
  • Medical services